Truecaller Onboarding Steps

Use Cases:

  • Businesses use CLI numbers to reach out to their clients

  • These CLI numbers are often marked as SPAM on Truecaller which will lead to falling Call Pickup Rates

  • Businesses prefer that their business names be properly displayed as Caller Id on Truecaller and that will improve their call pickup rates


  • Truecaller Business allows businesses to register their Caller Ids along with Call reasons

  • Whenever the business makes calls to their customers from the registered CLIs, the brand name will be prominently displayed

  • This will allow for improved call pickup rates

Onboarding Steps:

  1. The following information will be needed from the customer:

    1. Company Name

    2. Contact Name

    3. Email Address

    4. Phone Number

    5. Category and Sub-Category

    6. Logo (200px 200px size)

  2. Adding the Brand SPOC as member

    Once the information is shared by the client, then login to Truecaller business portal to add the member

    a) Click on the Dropdown in the top right and select “Manage Members”

    b) Click on Add Member and add the Contact Name, Phone Number, Email Address, Business Name

c) The member will be added in the Truecaller portal and an invitation will be sent to their registered email address. The member has to login to the Truecaller business portal using the invitation they receive on the email.

3. Create the Label for the business:

a) Select the Label section in the top and select ‘Create a label’

b) Now, add the Logo, Display Name, Category & Sub-category, Address and Customer Care number. Address and Customer Care Number are not mandatory. The label has to be assigned to the member added.


c) Once the label is created and assigned, the numbers and call reasons have to be added to the label.

d) Give a demo to the customer of Truecaller Dashboard

Video links for Demo: