What Do's & Don'ts should be followed while using SuperReceptionist?

Hello! Here are a few tips to follow, so you can enjoy uninterrupted services of SuperReceptionist:

Do's -

  • Ensure outgoing facility of your device is active to successfully whitelist your number on SR

  • Timely upload the required documents for KYC (Know Your Customer) through your panel

  • Renew your account before the expiry date to avoid the services from getting discontinued

  • Log in to your SuperReceptionist account regularly to remain up to date on your account status and notifications

  • Disable call waiting/ divert/ barring on agent’s number to ensure quick response time

  • You should be within a network range with No Cell Phone Signal Jammers in and around your facility


Dont's -

  • Add Softphone and IP-based transfer/ routing as agents 

  • Add two or more phone numbers from a multi-sim phone as agents

  • Install apps like TrueCaller, Anti-virus, and Spyware

  • Enable Call Recording or install apps that intercept incoming calls on your Smartphone

  • Enable AutoAnswer or Voicemail of any sort from the operator or self

  • Avoid forwarding agent’s number to your virtual number as this will create a loop and result in call transfer failure

Please note: Roaming Network availability is subjective and does not guarantee seamless connection.