Outbound Call Center

It is no longer sufficient to advertise & expect the market to come to us by way of an inbound call. To bridge the gap and allow customers to earn more revenue Super Receptionist allows users to do Progressive Outbound Calling as part of Outbound Call Center where Agents are dialled first and customers have zero wait time. Using Outbound Call Center, you can do the following and much more:

To initiate Outbound Call Center Dialing from SR, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Add Agent

  • As a first step, we need to add an agent with type Outbound or Blended.

  • From Settings>Agents>Add Agent screen, you would be able to add an agent which can respond to Inbound, Outbound or Blended Calls

  • Agent type can be Inbound, Outbound and Blended.
    Max No Answer Count is not relevant to Outbound.

Step 2: Edit Agent

  • Any existing agents’ type can be modified using the Edit Agent option.

  • The agent can be mapped to any other call groups.

  • Other Agent options - Name, Email, Role, Phone etc.

Step 3: Agents Summary Screen

  • We would be allowed to change the Agent Type from Settings>Agents screen and the same should be reflected immediately.

  • If the campaign is running and the agent type is changed, then those agents will get the calls based on the set agent typeset.

  • Calls would be queued on Agents for Blended depending on whether he is on Inbound vs Outbound Calls.

Step 4: Upload Phonebook Screen

  • Post adding an agent, the user should add the Phonebook from CRM>Phonebook.

  • This phonebook is a list of Leads or Customers which are to be called via the Outbound Calling Campaigns (Outbound Call Center, Transactional and Promotional).

  • Sample CSV template can be downloaded to know how the leads are to be uploaded via the CSV.

  • Once the phonebook is uploaded, it will appear in the “Create Campaign” screen”.

Step 5: Campaign Creation

  • “Create Campaign” screen is being modified to show “Outbound Call Center” campaign type which would first call the agents and then the customers.

  • Outbound Call Center is a Transactional Type of Calling so Indemnity Bond needs to be signed first before using this feature.

  • On selecting the “Outbound Calling” option, Select IVR dropdown will only show the IVRs with Single Call Queue node in them.

  • Multiple Call Queue nodes are not supported as they do not form any use case.

  • Once the campaign for “Outbound Calling” is placed, the campaign will start executing and Outbound/Blended Agents will start receiving the Calls first and the customers uploaded in Phonebook will be picked one-by-one.

  • Campaign>Campaign Logs would show the status of Running, Completed or Paused campaigns.

Step 6: Live Calls

  • Live Calls page has been modified to show Agent Type.

  • Agents On Call data will now show summary for Outbounds Calls also.

  • Blended Agents receive Inbound Calls as well do Outbound Call Center Calling.

Step 7: Campaign Logs

  • Campaign>Campaign Logs now show the status of Running, Completed or Paused campaigns.

  • Campaign logs can now be filtered using the Campaign Type filter. Outbound Calling will show all the Outbound Call Center type Campaigns.