In what ways can you customize the parameters of a Call Group?

Call Groups allow you to organize your agents and the calls as per business requirements. You can customize each one on the following parameters:

Max-Wait time 

How annoying is calling a helpline only to meet the IVR that goes on and on and on... you get the picture!

The option of max-wait time allows you to limit the hold time for your clients. Once the designated wait time is over, the call gets routed to the next step in the IVR. You can choose from a plethora of options here. You can:

  1. Choose to end the call with a customized sound (Eg. All our agents are busy. We will call you back shortly.)

  2. Choose to end the call with a customized message (Eg. Thank you for calling us, we will call you back.)

  3. Choose to route the call to another group

  4. Ask the caller to dial another number

This feature ensures that your callers are not annoyed with an unacceptable hold time.


Choosing strategies allows you to allocate incoming calls in the way most suitable to your business requirements. You can choose from one of the four available strategies for the call-handling:


  1.  Ring All: This allows all 'available' agents in the group to receive calls simultaneously. Any agent can answer the call.

  2. Round Robin: This setting remembers the last agent tried, and new calls are directed to the next agent in the round queue. This will ensure that all agents receive equal amount of calls.

  3. Agent with Fewest Calls: Notice one of your agents lagging behind in the number of calls answered while the other has been answering all calls and getting burdened? This setting puts fair-play back in the game. As the name suggests, calls get transferred to the agent with the lowest number of calls answered.

  4. Agent with Least Talk Time: When one of your agents is new and needs more time to answer, work on and wrap-up calls, 'Ring All' or 'Round-Robin' could mean added pressure on this agent. If you want to ensure that the quickest and most efficient callers take the chunk of your calls, bring this strategy into play and watch your hold time & resolution time go down effectively.

Hold Music

Don't want your callers to hear the good ol' hold sound? Would you rather have them listen to your latest offers? Or even a Kenny G musical? Hold music helps you select whatever file you choose from the files you uploaded in the 'Sounds' section.